Activate Your Inner Money Goddess

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  • money waterAre your conflicting beliefs about money blocking your financial flow? 
  • Are you stuck in an endless struggle around finances?
  • Are you burned out by only using your masculine energy to create abundance?
  • Are you trapped in self-judgment, judging others, or endless comparing about money?
  • Is it time to do more clearing around money so you can claim more of your sacred money manifestation capacity?
  • Are you ready to claim a deeper level of your feminine financial power?


Lisa1Dear Conscious Woman,

I’ve spent years exploring the roots of feminine money issues and found out they are sometimes similar and often different than masculine ones. I’ve been personally clearing the old issues and helping others do the same in workshop after workshop, for 15 years.

I’ve found the ancient money/prosperity/abundance Goddesses are a wonderful reminder of the capacity to naturally create abundant flow in a unique feminine manner. Not rejecting, punishing, or trying to over-power the masculine, simply learning to expand your feminine financial power flow and your ability to co-create with the masculine (inside and out).

My journey has been such that I must first experience a problem uncovering the hidden components of an issue, before and as I share it with others. In my own life, I explored the way money flows as an entrepreneur with over 30 years experience. I’ve struggled, cleared, and healed with the masculine (inside and out) until finally breaking through to the joy of co-creation. I’ve explored my conflicts around money from childhood to self-judgment and I’m constantly still learning.

The relationship to money is a life-long one and can be filled with personal, family, and cultural baggage that makes it challenging for you to step into your financial flow. Creating a clear, clean, and current relationship with money, that includes the co-creative collaboration and cooperation between your inner feminine and inner masculine, stabilizes your ability to fully claim your feminine financial power.

For some women powerful financial flow means creating a 6-or-7 figure income and for others it can simply be having the basic needs of their family sustainably met. It’s important to discover what financial desires are true to your heart so you have the ability to fulfill your potential and step into greater financial power as you “Activate Your Inner Money Goddess”. 

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IMG_0341Your inner money Goddess is the part of you that helps you stand in your financial power making economic and life choices from your authentic feminine core. She connects you to your inner guidance and gracefully expands your ability to receive so that you can “flourish as your best self in the world”. Through her connection to the natural world and clear flowing spiritual source, she helps you create from your inner truth in ways that uplifts those around you and contributes meaningfully to the world.


“My experience of Money Goddess” gave me a new comfort level with how I perceive and receive money in my life. As I danced, I cleared a deep rooted ancestral piece that felt like a weight had been lifted off. Discovery of my unique Money Goddess expression was a blessings that I’m sure will continue to enrich the joy of future financial abundance. Thank you Lisa”   ~PY

In the same way a dancer has to practice her steps to get them flowing smoothly,
you have to practice standing in your feminine money power and keeping your
receiving valve open for your finances flow
. Money is a great place to practice

your creation skills because the results are very measurable.

Its raining money

“The Money Goddess seminar was the most fun I have had in a long time! This seminar is a wealth of information, I highly recommend it for all women. “Thank you for this experience of being with a large group of non-judgmental, supportive, non-competitive, open hearted, inspirational, loving women. I am forever inspired to dance!”

~Paula Branton,
Bear Mountain Qigong & Wellness Center
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money_nature_iStock_000005869341XSmallThis program is for you if…

  • You’ve longed to expand your ability to magnetize financial flow in a uniquely feminine way.
  • You want to clear your inner conflicts around money to claim your full feminine financial power.
  • You would like practical ways to increase your money flow daily.
  • You choose to co-create more effectively with the masculine
    (inside and out).
  • You desire tools that will potently assist you in creating your abundance naturally.
  • Are ready to proclaim your “Modern Day Money Goddess” who is in charge of her financial future.

“Wow! I received major shifts in my relationship with money – moving from struggle, neglect, and confusion – to clarity, direction, focus and fun! For the first time, I’m experiencing money as sacred and claiming my right to step into its flow. I’m now empowered to stand in my financial power with my inner money goddess. Thank you!”  

~Catherine Morgan 


“I want to thank you Lisa for teaching me to hold what I want to make (money wise), it really works and I’ve come such a long way in my money journey thanks to you!  I set a money goal for the week of $900 and when I received my check that was the amount!”

 ~Elizabeth Puckett 


“During this workshop, I released some major resentment and anger toward a financial situation. Five days later I received a gift of $15,000. Money Goddess created a major financial shift and I’m grateful for this powerful workshop. I look forward to many more.” 

~Susan Kersey, 


“Phenomenal program, Money Goddess with Lisa Michaels. Her use of dance to ground the information, feelings, and revelations into the body is the most powerful for me of any workshop/healing technique and opened me in new ways. I am thrilled to have bursts of clarity on practical good business tips.”  

~Mardeene Mitchell,



Naturally Create Your Financial Flow
the Divine Feminine Way

  • Money falling from the moonDiscover the essence of the “Divine Feminine Flow of Money” and why this is vitally important to for you as a woman today.
    • Uncover the critical ways you may be unconsciously constricting your financial flow and gain practical tools to open the energy anytime it contracts.
    • Explore the 12 Modern Day Money Goddess expressions and find out what each one needs to feel and be abundant, including yours. 


SECTIONS 2 and 3

Your Financial Creation Power Tools
Found in Nature’s Rich Secrets


  • Stop the old losing battle of comparing and start creating your financial future with the Elemental Forces.
    • Clear your old limiting money beliefs and activate a “Modern Day Money Goddess Mindset”.
    • Discover a Divinely inspired practical template for aligning the elements into a fertile field for financial creation.   



SECTIONS 4 and 5

Discover the Magic of Co-Creation
When Your Inner Feminine and Masculine Collaborate

    • woman_man_moneyiStock_000003224362XSmallFind out how to tap into the vital union between your inner feminine and inner masculine and uncover the critical ways they need to create together to get your financial potential fully flowing.
    • How to apply the ancient feminine art of magnetization to your money to draw more abundance to you.
    • Discover ways to move step-by-step from creation power struggles with the masculine (inside and out) to collaboration and cooperation. 




Use Nature’s Rhythms
to Boost Your Conscious Wealth Creation

Paper money in grass.

  • Practical “Modern Day Money Goddess” daily system for financial clarity and focus.
  • Turn up your “Money Set Point” and start consciously creating wealth.
  • Step-by-step how to apply the rhythms of Nature to your personal, professional, and business financial creation.  



~ Bonus Training ~


Money Goddess Income Stream Strategies Training Call 
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A Great Downloadable PDF Workbook to follow along in the course! 
The workbook is filled with questions and material
to deeply connect yourself the content of this course. 

All modules will be available, for 12 full months on easy to use – replay!


“I attended Lisa Michaels Money Goddess Experience. The time I spent in this program gave me better clarity; focus and direction not only for my personal life but for my practice as well. Not only was I able to gain better acknowledgement and clarity I was able to share and be surrounded by women from all walks of life this was a very profound empowerment that I will never forget.”

~Dolores J. Gozzi,  

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“Attended Money Goddess in Atlanta with Lisa and it was amazing. I highly recommend the online training to anyone who desires to deepen the understanding of their relationship to money. Thank you, Lisa!”  

~Paula York


“I learned at Money Goddess that the past does not control the future. All it takes is a shift in perception, then a shift in behavior which results in a shift in manifestation.

I’m taking action by checking out new insurance and refinancing my house. Plus, I set down and seriously looked at what I was spending over the last year and what I could change, get better benefit from, etc. I feel so energized. Love ya, love the course and I’d tell everyone to just do it!”



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