Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 15:


Nature consistently provides us with wonderful examples of the capacity to produce the Goddess gift of abundance. By showing us her rich harvests and lush landscapes, she constantly teaches us about the availability of abundant supply that abounds in every realm.

Abundance often comes from a state of heart and mind alignment, through which we see the potential, the fullness available in each moment of life. It can be found in ideas for new creations, a sudden awareness or perception, and in our rich spiritual gifts. 

Mother Earth also teaches us to create sustainable systems in all areas of life. We can learn to live in harmony with her and to replenish what we consume, thus ensuring that other people and other times will also experience abundance. When we take from the earth with no regard for the ways she naturally replenishes her system, we step out of balance with Earth’s natural cycles, which can leave things stripped and void of life. However, our ability to work in harmony with the earth helps keep things lush and helps it vibrantly renew its energy. 

This principle applies to your life, body, and resources. When you work in harmony with the element of Earth, you learn to replenish abundance rather than simply use it. This harmonic way of personally enjoying tremendous abundance adds to the greater good of all, instead of taking away from others and the planet. When you can accomplish this, you let the old system of competition fall away and learn the language and systems of cooperation. You live in and create balance with the natural environment and with yourself.

5 Tips to Engage Nature’s Abundance Wisdom:

1. Connect to the feeling of Nature’s abundant supply seasonally. Take some time to sit down right in the middle of the greatest aspect of each season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Intentionally connect with the feeling of abundance and deeply breathe in that essence.  

  • During Spring, immerse in the blessings of new growth as the earth begins to warm, the foliage of the trees brightens, flowers start to bloom, and birdsong fills the air. Enjoy the renewed, wide open spaces outside and tune all your senses toward Nature’s abundant supply.
  • During Summer, connect to the energy of abundance when produce grows and ripens, offering us Nature’s wonderful juiciness, a time when farms and botanical gardens call us to visit them to bask in their rich abundant supply. Spend time in fields of flowers, breathing in their abundant essence.
  • Autumn is a great time to connect to the Sun as the air turns crisp and the daylight hours begin to wane. Autumn is the season of harvest, and Nature’s abundant supply is everywhere in Earth’s gifts, including the falling leaves that beg us to play in deep piles of them.
  • During Winter, some parts of the planet experience snow; this pure white landscape reminds us of how clear and clean Nature’s abundant supply can be, and how even in winter when some aspects seem dead and drab, abundant supply still abounds, even if somewhat hidden. During this season, take time to notice the beauty in Nature’s cycle of death and rebirth.

2.  Focus on the feeling of abundance. Every chance you get, feel into and focus on the feeling of abundance that you connected to seasonally.

3. Give thanks. Gratitude centers you in feelings of abundance, so give thanks. This feeling creates a fertile environment for more abundance to grow in your life. Create an abundant spirit by taking time often to show your appreciation and gratitude for even the tiniest of blessings in your life.

4. Allow for the cyclical flow of creational energy. With the turning of the seasons, Nature reminds you that everything goes in cycles. The ground rests in the quiet of winter, followed by the waking of spring, and the abundant blooms of summer, before harvest and the falling away of autumn. If you allow for this understanding of abundance in times other than the growing and harvest cycle, you can be preparing your personal soil, or creational energy, for the next growing cycle and trusting in the cycle of life.

5. Remember, abundance is a state of mind and heart. What might seem like meager rations to one person can be tremendous abundance to another. Center your mind on appreciation for any fertile abundance around you and uplift your heart.

Remember to give your gratitude to Nature for her abundant and fertile supply and share as often as possible.

  • This week notice if you focus more on lack or on abundance.  
  • Do you consistently remember to express your gratitude?

  • Where can you focus on the feeling of abundance even more in your life?
  • Make a list of 25 things you are grateful for right now. Notice how you feel.
  • Spend some time in nature this week connecting to the feeling of abundance.

Have an abundantly blessed week.


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