5 Ways Nature Can Help You Create Success

mature woman happyNature’s core energies of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit, along with their rhythmic cycles, can actively help you create more success in life. Because these energies collectively form the foundational essence of creation, they can accelerate any  endeavor you are involved in.

When nature’s energies and rhythms are honored as the profound teachers and guides they are, they readily bring assistance and clarity to boost your capacity to create success in your life.

5 ways Nature can help you:

1. Know you always have guidance available.
The elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) want you to know that your body is created from a unique combination of all of them. Therefore you are intimately connected to each of them and have access to their wisdom at all times. All you need to do to access this powerful assistance is to ask for it with a grateful heart and be open to receiving it.

2. Trust in change.
Change exists as the core energy of Nature. Transformations happen constantly, with every element, and on every realm. The sun and moon, while consistent in their rising and setting every day, change times, location, distance, and impact the changes we experience in the seasons and tides. Learn to trust in the process of change and the new will emerge.  Even when you see no proof all winter, spring does return.

3. Follow the cyclical flow of creation energy.
Whether during the process of slowly fading away or after something quickly leaves your life, once your grieving stops, you will notice subtle urges guiding you toward new growth. Your inner promptings may come in the form of “just feeling like you need to do a certain thing,” or you may get images, or feelings, or pure knowing. Follow your guidance each step of the way to discover the new part of life you are being moved to create.

4. Spend time in Nature.
This one thing will help ground and center you emotionally faster than anything in times of great change. Go for a gratitude walk. Spending 10-20 minutes outside moving in nature, focusing on anything you have to be grateful for, will balance your mind, emotions, body, and spirit.

5. Keep your thoughts uplifted.
Be mindful of where your thoughts are focused, and if you find them centered on fear, bring them back to gratitude. Find anything you can to be grateful for, even something tiny, and focus on that until your emotional energy also resets. Gratitude brings the highest vibrational frequency from which to create thriving.

The more you continue to learn and grow with the elemental forces as your guides, the better able you are to move from simply surviving in life to vitally thriving!



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