5 Reasons Why the Oracle Certification Will Support Your Life & Business

IMG_0902I’ve been getting a number of emails asking for more information about the Oracle Certification Program. Here are some important points you need to consider:

1. The Oracle Certification Program is a wonderful way to get people connected to the elements quickly and easily. The elemental model helps you effortlessly explain the realms of creation to your clients, friends, and family. Imagine your client pulls the Dive Deep Water card. You both know instantly they need to move into the depths of their feelings to clear the issue at hand.

2.  You’ll gain a potent group program you can teach. This group workshop is easy to add to your current business or use if you are just getting started. You can integrate the program into an existing workshop or use it as a standalone, holding sessions that are a one-time 3 hours to a full day. Teaching this workshop to just a few people will pay for your certification program.

3.  The oracle certification works with you personally and professionally. Even if you have no intention of ever reading cards for others and don’t even want to become certified, this program will help you uplevel your life and/or business creation abilities. Just the clearing we will be doing in Module Two will give you a framework for releasing blocked energy in every realm of creation. People ask me about how to do this all the time!

4.  You’ll learn a simple repeatable business model. I talk to coaches, therapists, and business owners all the time who are not generating enough income to sustain themselves. Seriously, this doesn’t have to be the case if you understand the principles I’ll be sharing.

5.  This training is an easy Natural Rhythms leadership starting point. If you know you want to become a Creation Coach or a Natural Rhythms facilitator and are looking for a way to generate your tuition, this training can solve that problem. It was created with that exact issue in mind. If you want to build a dynamic business, simply study for yourself, or create more funds to take a vacation or donate to charity, this training can help.

I encourage you to consider the Oracle Certification as both a business building tool and a personal enrichment experience. Even if you’re not ready to dive deeply into the content at this time, sign up now to get the introductory offer for the full program including all the replays, handouts, business building tools, and bonuses. We start Monday, July 8, and I’d love to have you as one of my soon-to-be-certified Oracle Card Readers.

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