5 Priestess Busting Myths That Impact Your Feminine Financial Power

rockWhen I first heard the word priestess, I actually had no idea what it was or how it functioned in the world. Even though I had been craving the voice of the feminine in my spirituality for years and actively seeking women’s traditions, I hadn’t been exposed to the priestess archetype.

Perhaps you’re the same way. Do you know what it means to be a priestess in priestess training?

Let’s clear up some of these misconceptions.

Myth #1 – Priestess is just a heavy metal rock band.

Truth: Priestess is actually an archetype of feminine spirituality. In the same way priest is a masculine spiritual archetype. The trouble is feminine spirituality has experienced suppression throughout history that often continues today. The blocking of feminine spirituality means that economic resources continue to be channeled in ways that prevent women from accessing positions of financial and spiritual power.

Myth #2 – Priestesses are all Pagan or Wiccan.

Truth: While some priestesses consider themselves Pagan or follow the Wiccan religion, many do not. I’ve worked with priestesses of the Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Pagan, Wiccan, and other religious faiths as well as others who consider themselves simply spiritual. The archetype expresses multi-culturally and in multi-religions because at its purist level, a priestess is a woman in her spiritual authority. She needs no one to intervene on her behalf as she has a direct connection to the divine within.

Myth #3 – There is no practical application for being a priestess.

Truth: As I activated the priestess archetype within, I found it opened my inner wisdom and brought profound new spiritual gifts that I’ve applied to everything in my life. I’ve used it in every aspect of my business from determining what programs to create, to helping those I work with in private sessions and trainings. I’ve applied it to help me clear old family and cultural patterns that impacted my relationships. Bringing the sacred into our interaction, to the world around us, strengthens our ability to find meaning, clarity, and connection.

Myth #4 – Being a priestess is dangerous.

Truth: Thankfully the times when a woman collecting herbs, helping others in childbirth, or standing in her spiritual authority isn’t cause for being burned at the stake. However, it does still require courage to expand beyond a purely masculine spiritual model into one that also honors the Divine Feminine. Interestingly enough the word Goddess contains the word God. Priestess contains priest, and the word she contains he but not the other way around. How inclusive are we brave enough to be in the face of exclusivity?

Myth #5 – The world doesn’t need more women expanded into their spiritual authority and power.

Truth: Domination of one class, religion, skin-color, sexual preference, or gender has proven to be harmful to our rich planetary diversity. The more we honor women’s ways of wisdom the further we open the doors to feminine financial flow and create systems that support and sustain us all and the majesty and beauty of Nature.

You can personally bust old priestess myths and call back your feminine financial power by activating the priestess archetype within through a sacred initiation process. Your inner priestess strengthens your ability to channel the divine feminine essence into all aspects of your finances, life, and business.

If you are already a priestess, ask your inner guidance if it is time for you to move to the next level of feminine leadership by becoming a High Priestess. Or if you’ve claimed high priestess perhaps it is time for the initiation process of becoming a Creation Goddess. Remember the world needs you standing fully in your feminine power in every area of your life! Let’s bust more myths collectively and help the feminine to thrive in sacred balance with the masculine across the planet.

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