5 Income Draining Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Often Make

I’ve been training and coaching business owners for quite a number of years now, including helping dance teachers build their businesses in the 1990s. I myself have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years.

The interesting thing I’ve witnessed is that no matter what kind of business entrepreneurs are in, they often make the same mistakes.

The most critical mistakes lie in the way they view and think about their business income flow. They often lack a solid well developed rhythmic –day to day, month to month, and year to year– cash flow strategy. When the business is feminine –and/or spirit-based, there is often another layer of complexity that influences the financial flow within the business.

Because women often feel a distant separation from money and money management – whether because of early teachings of gender stereotypes, religion, etc. – feminine spiritual entrepreneurs often need to do deep inner clearing to be able to generate their desired income.

Mistake Number One: Entrepreneurs earning under 5 or 6 figures often have not stepped back from their business and created a big picture overview of how cash flows into their business. Often they don’t even know or understand why they aren’t making any money. Sometimes a business owner has been functioning at the same business level for a long time and can figure out how to take their business system to the next level. They need a better income strategy, and quickly.

Mistake Number Two: They don’t get help. Month after month – and sometimes year after year – they keep thinking, “I’ll figure this out”, but they don’t. You will find them stuck in the same place many moons later. They feel they will “magically” understand something that has perplexed them for a long time. They need a new way of thinking, someone to show them a more strategic way to create their business. Often they need help to create it but are too short-sighted or fearful to invest in the help they need. 

I’ve personally never really mastered anything new in business without some teacher or mentor in that area.  I include here the guidance I’ve found in connecting to the Divine Feminine and the elemental forces of creation.

Mistake Number Three: Frequently entrepreneurs do things in their business in the wrong order. They write the book before they actually know how to use the book to produce income or have their income strategy laid out. Out of order creations usually leave a business owner exhausted with little to no income for their efforts.  A strong cash flow system that is working well is the first thing every business must have. Weak or no financial flow will close a business fast.  The focus on a strong income stream must come first before products, website, and social media. 

Mistake Number Four: When business owners fail to understand how each of the elemental realms functions within them and in their business, one of the realms is often weak and needs to be strengthened before the business can thrive. For example: without the element of Fire, business owners may not know  how to direct their actions and energy for more visibility in their business. Or perhaps they have gotten visibility before stabilizing their effective cash flow system so clients are attracted to the business but they aren’t producing income. 

Mistake Number Five: I see entrepreneurs all the time keeping themselves busy with a to-do list that does not produce income. They then feel like they are working all the time but have little to show for their efforts. If a business owner believes s/he has to get everything accomplished before she can go out and get income producing clients, she will be stuck in an endless loop. The truth is the to-do list will never be done; there will always be more added as the business grows. However, an entrepreneur needs to be producing a potent income stream all along the way. 

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