3 Critical Creation Combinations

When you start focusing your energy toward consciously creating your heart-centered desires it’s easy to latch onto one aspect of the creative process and miss others. For example, you may passionately know what you want to create but be missing the grounded planning and action phase of bringing your dreams into being.

Certain creation combinations are critical for successful results. Let’s take a look at three of the most vital ones.

  1. It’s essential that you know how to tap into the formless realm of creation and are able to call forth a blueprint of what you want to create.  Here, you utilize the tools of imagination and visualization in the same way an architect would first imagine a building before designing the plan. Then you must combine your powerful written strategy with practical step-by-step action to bring your dreams into being.
  2. Your energy and beliefs must be aligned with the results you choose to create but alone they are not enough. Perhaps you are choosing to bring a certain amount of income into your life and business and have done the inner work to energetically align your beliefs. You still need to take practical day to day steps to track your income and expenses as well as have solid systems in place for your income flow.
  3. Clearing and creation go hand-in-hand. You have to create space in your life for new creations to come in to being. To bring in a new business, a new baby, a new relationship, or a new project there has to be room for it to grow and flourish. If your life is already too full for your desires to come in, you’ll need to take the time to do some deep clearing. Move out the old. Assess the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic drains in your life and clear them out to make room for the true desires of your heart to take root.
  4. Bonus Combination: While you want to direct the forces with your creation blueprint, you also want to release control of the outcome. You must leave room for Spirit to co-create with you. You must open up to receive your desires as they come into form. They often arrive in ways you might never have conceived. Be open, allow, and trust in the process, grace, and magic of creation.

Take the time on Jan 12, in the grounded planning new moon of Capricorn to create your blueprint for a dynamic year in 2013. Registration recently opened for this annual potent creation event. Through midnight Eastern December 13, there are two money bonuses that will both assist you in clearing your old money energy and in establishing the practical action steps you need to take to create a powerful financial future.

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“I’m so glad I participated in Create A Dynamic Year. Setting aside a day to focus on a vision and plan for the new year was such a gift! You not only helped me create a powerful vision of my new year, but also provided excellent handouts and templates to specifically design the steps to manifestation. I love how each session layered on fresh teachings, using nature’s elements to support a truly dynamic year. The format of a virtual retreat was divine! Thank you, Lisa.

~ Debra Marrs, YourWriteLife.com

About Lisa Michaels

Bestselling author and Divine Feminine leader, Lisa Michaels loves sharing Nature's creation secrets to help you step into your authentic purpose and leadership. Her products, workshops, and trainings have helped thousands of people deepen their life purpose, claim their creation power, and successfully propel their personal and business lives forward.

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  1. Joyce olson

    Hi Lisa,
    I just recently signed up for Create a Dynamic Year. I also have talked with about this one day workshop. I am really excited about this upcoming event. I was also wondering if we received
    your book with our sign up?

    Joyce Olson

    1. Post
      Lisa Michaels

      Hi Joyce, The book pdf is found in the program classroom. Looking forward to working with you Saturday! Blessings, Lisa

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