3 Critical Creation Combinations

3 Critical Creation Combinations


Home DecoratingWhen you start focusing your energy toward consciously creating your heart-centered desires it’s easy to latch onto one aspect of the creative process and miss others.

For example, you may passionately know what you want to create but be missing the grounded planning and action phase of bringing your dreams into being.

Certain creation combinations are critical for successful results. Let’s take a look at three of the most vital ones.

1) It’s essential that you know how to tap into the formless realm of creation and are able to call forth a blueprint of what you want to create. Here, you utilize the tools of imagination and visualization in the same way an architect would first imagine a building before designing the plan. Then you must combine your powerful written strategy with practical step-by-step action to bring your dreams into being.

2) Your energy and beliefs must be aligned with the results you choose to create but alone they are not enough. Perhaps you are choosing to bring a certain amount of income into your life and business and have done the inner work to energetically align your beliefs. You still need to take practical day to day steps to track your income and expenses as well as have solid systems in place for your income flow.
3) Clearing and creation go hand-in-hand. You have to create space in your life for new creations to come in to being. To bring in a new business, a new baby, a new relationship, or a new project there has to be room for it to grow and flourish. 

If your life is already too full for your desires to come in, you’ll need to take the time to do some deep clearing. Move out the old. Assess the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic drains in your life and clear them out to make room for the true desires of your heart to take root. 

Year 2015 number written on sandy beachBonus Combination: While you want to direct the forces with your creation blueprint, you also want to release control of the outcome. You must leave room for Spirit to co-create with you. You must open up to receive your desires as they come into form. They often arrive in ways you might never have conceived. Be open, allow, and trust in the process, grace, and magic of creation.

Take the time on Dec 22, in the grounded planning new moon of Capricorn and on Winter Solstice to create your blueprint for a dynamic year in 2015. We’ll nourish your plan on the Full Moon in Cancer Jan 4th. Registration just opened for this annual potent creation event and the Super Early Bird budget investment goes through Nov 23rd.




Create A Dynamic Year

of Magical Manifestations

Open hands holding number 2015. Happy New Year.

Are you ready to gracefully guide your
creations into being in the new year?

Align your vibration with a dynamic
creation blueprint so you can…

Learn to move your creations forward with more ease

Receive better manifestation results in your business, life, and finances

Locate the critical pivotal energy of your creation matrix

Align your blueprint with the elemental forces of creation

Propel your authentic dreams into being

Design your blueprint with the best power planning new moon

Activate your blueprint and nurture
your creations on the first full moon of 2015

You’ll come away from Create a Dynamic Year 2015 with…

A dynamic blueprint to magically manifest in 2015.
A deeper understanding and ability to work with the power of intention.
A solid step-by-step plan of implementation for yourself.
Done-for-you planning templates to use anytime you have more planning to do.
Knowing how to effectively and rhythmically care and feed your creations during your dynamic year (and why this is so critical.)
Understanding why learning to work with the new moons through out the year is so important to your success!
Planning while being in the comfort of your own home relaxing in your pj’s.
Guidance from the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit) to boost your creations. Respectfully call the elements forth as your personal creation team for 2015.
Energizing your plan!

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Creation 5 Year Planner

Back by popular demand! The 2015 planner has a fantastic new feature – you can now type into the PDF!

This five-year planner takes our yearly complimentary Sacred Timings Reference Guide to a whole new level for your planning success.

Here’s what you receive in this outstanding Creation 5 Year Planner package:

Jan201512 month calendar

  • January-December 2015 with all with the new moons, full moons, sun moves into a new sign, and wheel of the year points clearly marked.
  • The element the sun is in creates the colorful backdrop for each month. This helps you to know how to more effectively focus your success energy.
  • Each month’s header gives you a one line inspirational focus.
  • This calendar is a power tool for bringing your dreams into being!

Here’s what Melody LeBaron of Transformingspace.com said about this package:
“Thank you SO much for the beautiful monthly calendars! This is what I’ll be using for my Business Launches!”

5-year-sampleStrategic Creation Mini Planners through 2019

  • January 2016 – December 2019 Mini Planners help you powerfully direct your life and business.
  • Easy to use with a note section where you can type notes to yourself to help you define your creation focus.
  • A must have for business owners to strategically plan their growth.

Start shaping your years and boost your creation success!

Creation 5 Year Planner 2015

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