Create A Dynamic Year 2017

Are you ready to take the leadership of
your life to a whole new level?

Lead Your Life & Manifest More in 2017...

  • Learn the brand NEW Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix!
  • Receive potent creation results in your business, life, and finances
  • Align your 2017 blueprint with the elemental forces of creation
  • Open for guidance to propel your authentic dreams into being.
  • Activate your blueprint in the manifesting Taurus moon January 7, 2017
From: Lisa Michaels, Bestselling Author, and Manifestation Mentor
Dear Conscious Life and Business Creator,
I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. I’ve been sharing Create A Dynamic Year for several years now. Each year a fresh energy moves through the field of this program and for 2017 Leading Your Life is calling to be energized, plus you learn how to apply the brand new Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix!
If you’ve never done this program before, we come together for a fun and deeply energizing virtual pajama planning party and this year we are on the manifesting Taurus moon on January 7th!
Then for the 6 weeks following we'll be connecting once a week for you to dive deeper into how to utilize the Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix to powerfully bring your creations into form.
During our ONE-DAY VIRTUAL PJ PLANNING PARTY on January 7th it's important to be relaxed and in your comfy clothes, sipping tea, and letting your imagination flow as you DESIGN 2017 & UPLEVEL YOUR MANIFESTATION CAPACITY. Believe me, it makes a big difference and people come back year after year from all over the world for this virtual experience!

Enliven Your Deep Ability to Manifest

If 2017 calls out for you to step into a new level of life and business leadership to manifest more powerfully, tune into this…

Many people miss out on expressing their essence, living their purpose, and creating their dreams in life and business because they are waiting for something to “happen” to them. Or they’ve gotten frustrated because things haven’t happened yet when they may need only a simple readjustment to have them come together.

And I’m not saying that sometimes things don’t also happen that you didn’t anticipate; that’s life. But even then you still need to determine how you want to handle them and how you are going to lead the creation of your life and/or business from there.

Creation is a living process that assists you in manifesting your dreams and you are a vital part of the process. You make the choices of the components that make up the manifestation tapestry of your life and your business in the same way the artist chooses what paint colors to use and the choreographer chooses the steps of the dance.

Sometimes, the artistic process is messy. Sometimes, you do things which seem like mistakes. When things get reshaped in life, in business, with a project, or re-doing a room, chaos gets created as part of the transformational process. It's your job to dance with creation, learning to master the skills to move chaos into order. The Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix will aid in your creation skill mastery, big time!

Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix
Discovering clearly how to create a manifestation matrix WILL assist you in MOVING your dreams from the formless into form. The more you know how to work effectively with each element the greater your results. To enhance your capacity this year we'll be working together for 6 weeks following the virtual planning party to boost your ability big time!

Elementally Activate Your Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix...

We'll spend SIX WEEKS diving into how each of the elements function when you create a manifestation matrix. You'll uncover the habits and skills to really make some dramatic progress moving your essence desires into manifest form.



Session One: Activate SPIRIT

January 10 @ 4pm Eastern


Session Two: Activate AIR

January 17 @ 4pm Eastern

Session Three: Activate WATER

January 24 @ 4pm Eastern

Session Four: Activate EARTH

January 31 @ 4pm Eastern

Session Five: Activate FIRE

February 7 @ 4pm Eastern

Session Six: Activate MOVEMENT

February 14 @ 4pm Eastern


All recordings will be available to you for 1 year. 


What’s missing for a lot of people is knowing just how to create and implement a powerful plan. And for others, it’s taking the time to actually sit down and design their life and business. Let me help you.

And this year let's take your ability to manifest your plan to a whole new level with the Natural Rhythms Manifestaton Matrix System! I can't wait to share it with you.

Create a Powerful Manifestation Plan

Many people – who may have been working from their essence for years – fail to recognize that a lack of planning leads to weak manifestation and creation results. As important as planning is in the creative process, very few people take the time to plan effectively.

A few years ago I noticed I was not getting similar success results in manifesting my life and business as I had previously, and I began wondering why. I asked myself “what was I doing before that I wasn’t doing now? What had changed?” It turns out I was missing the clear yearly life planning I’d normally done. I had let it slide and found I was really getting few to no results.

Then, when I got back on track, I discovered a couple of powerful additional components that dynamically impacted my year, and I think these can help you, too. So I want to share one of them with you right now.

And this year you have the added benefit of learning the BRAND new Natural Rhythms manifestation matrix to help you move your creations into form!


Align your plan with the lunar cycles.  Once I began designing my year in alignment with the big planning energy of the Capricorn new moon, everything shifted.

What made me a believer was that first year everything I put down on my manifestation plan came into being. And, to my surprise, most of it happened before mid-year (and I had some big things on my list). I was completely blown away.

As I continued to work in this way, I continued to manifest my heart’s desires – and so can you.

For the past few years, I’ve been sharing an online training to help people like you create a power-packed year.

This year, it’s your turn. If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?

With this training we will focus on energizing leading your life manifestation skills to move your dream into form

Let’s get your soul’s purpose out of your dreams and into the world where your contributions are needed, now more than ever.

This program will make a HUGE difference in your year!

Creation can’t work unless you focus your energy and begin directing the energy toward where you want it to go! So get started now.

There are 4 modules which will help you to deepen your capacity to consciously design a powerful creation plan for your year. They are full of content, design time, and activations.

There are very easy-to-work-with replays for each module and for each of the bonuses. Don’t miss this supportive opportunity to get your power planning done.

The technology is super easy to use and very flexible. You can listen over the phone, over your computer, or watch and listen either way.

In the program classroom, you can listen to the content anytime you need a refresher or work through it again throughout the year.

Then have the BONUS of the 6-module Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix training to help you know just how to align with each of the elements to really move your creations into form!

"I am happy to have found you... I love it!"

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Create A Dynamic Year and how much value I found in it. Truly I am so happy to have found you and this wonderful process of working with the elements. I love it – especially the dancing and the music!” 

~ Jane

Create a Dynamic Year

Grounded Manifesting Taurus Moon


Call Forth Your Authentic Creations
Clear Your Old Manifestation Matrix
Activate A New Level of Life Leadership


Receive Visionary Life Guidance for 2017
Determine Your Core Creation Priorities
Begin Drawing the Formless Into Form


Learn the Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix
Apply the Manifestation Matrix to Your Creations
Uncover How to Move A Manifestation Matrix


Receive Elemental Life Guidance for 2017
Rock Your Manifestation Rhythm
Activate Elemental Creation Grace

"I am in awe of how much my connection, appreciation and understanding of working with the elements has grow."

“I want to express gratitude for your insight with Creating a Dynamic Year!

With the launch of my website and ministry, I am right on target to the monthly goals I had set at the beginning of the year!

I am in awe of how much my connection, appreciation and understanding of working with the elements has grown along with my results! I am excitedly looking forward to seeing how the elements guide me and support me as my business grows.”

~ D.R.

Lead Your Life Creations Forward in 2018
when you join us for this rich & juicy program!

When you say YES to Create a Dynamic Year 2018
you will walk away with...

  • A manifestation matrix design for 2018.
  • A visionary design and implementation strategy for your creations.
  • Done-for-you planning templates to use anytime you have more planning to do.
  • Knowing how to effectively and rhythmically care and feed your creations during your dynamic year (and why this is so critical).
  • Understanding why learning to work with the new moons throughout the year is so important to your success!
  • Planning while being in the comfort of your own home, relaxing in your pj’s.
  • Guidance from the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit) to boost your creations. Respectfully call the elements forth as your personal creation team for 2018.
  • Energizing your plan!
  • PLUS BONUSES: 6 Modules of Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix Training & A Capricorn New Moon Ceremonial Activatation!

We CAN'T WAIT for you to JOIN Us


"I am on the path to fulfillment, planning to join Lisa
again this January to ensure another dynamic year!”

“I was going through a difficult time last year at this time. Things weren't as I preferred in my business, and our family faced serious challenges. I knew what I wanted to create, but I didn't know how. 

When I heard Lisa Michaels was going to do a virtual retreat on Creating a Dynamic Year, my intuition said "Yes! Do it!" On the day of the retreat, I listened, I danced, I felt my dreams and wrote them down, I created a plan. When I got done, I looked at it and thought: "I don't know HOW I'll create any of this!" But I trusted that, by virtue of the work of creating the plan, I'd set in motion the means to complete it! And month by month, the resources I needed to create my dreams came to me. 

My income is way beyond last year's, my family is grateful for our many blessings, and I am on the path to fulfillment, planning to join Lisa again this January to ensure another dynamic year!”

~ Melody L.

For the "Create A Dyanmic Year 2017" Virtural Retreat Planning Party

PLUS the 6-Week Natural Rhythms Manifestation System Training to Help Me Impliment My Plan

Only $122

Two Monthly Payments of $65

"The wisdom from the elements was especially eye-opening for me,
and helped me to see themes that I had not recognized were there."

“Lisa, thanks so much for a beautiful, practical and incredibly powerful retreat experience. As you know, I almost didn’t make it because of time and money, but I had a very strong inner voice telling me that this was where I needed to put my energy, and I’ve learned to follow that voice. The retreat was a gorgeous combination of soulful and spiritual aha moments, plus structured, practical and easy exercises that translated into immediate, tangible and satisfying action. I usually do this kind of planning on my own, but wanted more support this year, and it really made a difference. It was like supercharging my planning process and infusing it with magic and serendipity.

The wisdom from the elements was especially eye-opening for me, and helped me to see themes that I had not recognized were there. That changed up some of my priorities that I would not have thought to change up and gave insight into the overall picture of where to focus my energy for the maximum effect. I also appreciated being led in visioning my short and long-term life maps. Again, this is the kind of thing that I usually do on my own, but being able to lean into your guidance helped me get so much more out of the process than if I were just holding the space by myself.

~ Lisa H.

For the "Create A Dyanmic Year 2017" Virtural Retreat Planning Party
PLUS the 6-Week Natural Rhythms Manifestation System Training to Help Me Impliment My Plan

Only $122

Two Monthly Payments of $65

My Personal Guarantee
“Our 100% Money Back Guarantee”  While I can’t guarantee your best year ever – because that is up to you – I can guarantee I’ll help you dynamically create a plan for one!

After working with this material for a full year if you are not 100% satisfied with Create a Dynamic Year 2018, simply let me know and you will receive a full refund. 


You have my word on it!


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