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Libra Full Moon • Lunar Eclipse

Señoras amigas compartiendo en un jardín,campo.

Libra Full Moon Eclipse Creation Meditation Questions
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Element: Full Moon in Libra, Air • Sun in Aries, Fire Additional Component: Lunar Eclipse Window: April 14-16 Exact: April 15

Aries Sun with the Full Moon in Libra creates a unique opportunity to connect to your individuation within your relationships. This fire/air combination reminds us that the best relationships are between two conscious individuated partners. Aries reminds Libra of the need for individuation, and Libra reminds Aries that you also need to consider your partner. These beautiful archetypes balance each other when they remember to appreciate both their uniqueness and the gifts of the other. Aries’ driving quest for first, best, and being seen finds equilibrium with Libra’s capacity to see things from each person’s perspective and to be the peacemaker. When aligned, they show us the full axis of individuation, partnership, and the collective. Take this opportunity to explore your connection to the others around you. Are you honoring your needs and desires while also considering your relationships? Where do you need to consider another’s point of view? Or, on the other end of the spectrum, do you consider everyone else in the equation and forget your own needs? This full moon says pay attention to the needs and desires of the collective and yourself. If you look carefully enough at a situation where it appears things are a choice between your needs or others’ needs, you will see that when you include both yours and the others, often a third path emerges. This full moon will shine light on those places in life, and it is therefore a great time to consider options and design new levels of cooperation. Eclipse full moons add extra intensity, so if you are not open to honoring others’ points of view, you may end up frustrated. If you find yourself feeling challenged in your relationships during this window, take a look at where you can open to allow a breath of fresh Libra air to energize your passion. Personal Action Suggestions for Libra Full Moon:

New Moon in Aries

Feuerfeen - Fire faysAries New Moon Meditation
with Lisa Michaels & Cayelin Castell

Element: Fire

Window: March 29-31

Exact: March 30

This new moon says take action NOW. Pay attention to where in life you need some fuel for growth and apply the action energy of Aries. Walk, run, or dance – just move. Get outside and play. Use the energy you generate to take aligned action on your intentions.

Tune into Aries during the new moon window and ask what needs to be done that maybe you haven’t thought of yet. Take time to fire up anything in your life that needs extra energy. Make decisions and then take action.

Also notice with Aries if there is any place your fire needs to be contained or balanced. Are you running over people? Burning yourself out? Is there any place you are out of control? What do you need to do to balance fire effectively in your life right now?

Sun Enters Aries and Equinox

Combine these potent energies
to activate sacred balance with Earth and her natural rhythms.

Sun Enters Aries


Element: Sun in Aries, Fire
Window Sun in Aries: March 20 – April 18
Exact Sun Enters Aries: March 20 – 12:57pm Eastern

Aries says, “Get a move on it! Either get going or get out of the way.” When the sun moves into this fiery sign you need to concentrate on taking action. However, make sure your actions are strategic so they can dynamically help propel your creations forward. Use this Aries fuel.

Ask yourself what actions would make the biggest difference in your outcome. Often taking one or two very strategic steps will produce changes in many areas of your life and business. Spending a little time thinking your actions through before you get going will make a difference in your results.

Virgo Full Moon

Salto Jimenoa Uno waterfall, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic


Element: Full Moon in Virgo, Earth •
Sun in Pisces, Water

Exact: March 16 – 1:08pm Eastern
Window: March 15-17

Meditation for Virgo Full Moon
With Lisa Michaels and Cayelin Castell

The Full Moon in Virgo creates a great window for getting business handled and your work done. Virgo’s dedication to its sacred work makes it a prime time to attend to details of life in order to get a lot accomplished. With Virgo’s help you can finish your taxes, work on your budget, create a cash flow management strategy, all while honoring the sacred that flows through all aspects of life, including your financial life.

Pisces New Moon


Listen to the Pisces New Moon Meditation Below…

Craiova 20oct13

Click Here to Download the Meditation MP3

Element: Water
Window: February 28 – March 2
Exact: March 1 – 2:59am Eastern

This new moon brings you intuition and insight from the dreamy collective consciousness. Pay attention to your feelings and subtle psychic guidance. Spend some time during this new moon really tuning into the messages life is bringing you from your dreams, the signs and symbols you notice around you, and your inner guidance.

Take time during this new moon to connect to Spirit and see how Source is flowing into your life. Pray, meditate, journal, and imagine the best life and business you can for yourself and the world around you. This is a powerful time to dream a life on behalf of the collective, a life filled with tenderness, peace, and a strong connection to nature.

Grace Filled Success

Listen to a message from Lisa as she shares
about Creation Grace…

Click Here to Download Creation Grace Questions Handout

29 Simple “Getting Back to Grace” Support Tips

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.08.39 AM

Click Here to Download 29 Simple “Getting Back to Grace” Support Tips

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Listen to Lisa’s Important Message About The Upcoming New Moon and Her Family

Enjoy This Wonderful Video Allow It to Uplift Your Day and Be Sure to Dance!

Sun Enters Pisces


Window: February 18 – March 18
Exact: February 18 – 1:00pm Eastern

Pisces connects you to the vast ocean of the imaginable realm. Here you can lay your head back and relax into the watery dreamy realm and float in an endless sea of possibilities. Your soul can find creative and spiritual nourishment here as you swim in the deep watery merger with others and the Divine.

Pisces joins in mystical union with the Divine, bringing psychic insights and intuition. Imagine a quiet rainy day where you are drawn inside to a still space to simply be and reflect. Pisces Sun creates a wonderful opportunity for introspection before the active growing cycle begins. It brings much needed renewal.

Leo Full Moon

woman dancing red flipped

Leo Full Moon Meditation
& Inner Light Exercise


Click here to download…

Element: Full Moon in Leo, Fire
Sun in Aquarius, Air

Window: February 13-15
Exact: February 14 – 6:53pm Eastern

The Full Moon in Leo brings a prime opportunity to light up your self-love and claim your leadership ability. Leo teaches the value of radiance when it comes to shining as a leader. Shining radiance only comes when you are full of self-love, passion, and excitement.

Leo shows up as the true leader when it comes to that kind of vibrant life energy. Sit in the light of this moon if you can (even through a window) and listen to Leo’s messages about claiming your inner lion, the “King or Queen of the Jungle.” Where do you just need to step up and declare your inner position?

The Power of YOU in Creation

5 Secrets About

The Power of YOU in Creation

Certain times of the year call us to bring new ideas into form—the start of a new year, a new season, or during some other transition point.
We often focus on setting goals, creating intentions, and planning out what we can do to manifest our desires. But understanding the fundamental difference between creation and manifestation can help you increase your results.

It’s simple: Manifestation brings about inorganic results. An example would be a silk plant, it’s not alive and can not grow and expand. A creation functions organically, such as a living plant with the capacity to grow, expand, evolve and often reproduce. A creation is alive. 

Many people have learned to manifest and produce predictable results. But discovering how to work with creation magnifies your capacity to bring dreams and desires into form tremendously. Creations take on a life of their own and produce expansive results.

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